Surgical Procedures: Olympus 3D vs da Vinci

Surgical Procedures: Olympus 3D vs da Vinci

Procedure via Olympus 3D

Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site (LESS) is a new, highly advanced, minimally-invasive approach for performing a hysterectomy. This specialized approach allows our surgeons to perform the entire procedure through one single incision in the belly button, as opposed to several small scars across the abdomen or one long scar from either side of the pelvic area. This revolutionary procedure ensures the utmost safety, no visible scarring, and same-day recovery.

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Procedure via da Vinci

The da Vinci surgical system gives surgeons an advanced set of instruments to use in performing robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The system translates surgeon’s hand movements at the console in real time, bending and rotating the instruments while performing the procedure. The da Vinci vision system also delivers highly magnified, 3D high-definition views of the surgical area. The instrument size makes it possible for surgeons to operate through one or a few small incisions.


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3D technology and flexible camera has advanced dramatically in the past decade and is now being incorporated into laparoscopic single site incision hysterectomies. We offer the latest in 3D laparoscopy hysterectomy approaches at our facility. This method offers further reduced pain and hemorrhaging, as well as shorter recovery times, less discomfort, and better cosmetic results.

  • Less time in the operating room
  • Less recovery time
  • Less trauma and scarring to the abdominal wall
  • Less postoperative pain


A review of published studies suggest potential benefits after a benign hysterectomy with da Vinci technology are:

  • Patients may experience fewer complications compared to patients who had open and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Patients may stay in the hospital for a shorter amount of time than patients who had open, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery.
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The award winning ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Videoscope overcomes the below challenges and produces a bright, natural 3D image in a lightweight and ergonomic design. It provides up to 100° of articulation in all directions enabling observation and therapy in the entire peritoneal cavity – always with a level visual horizon.

Technical challenges such as surgeon fatigue, darker images, bulky designs and high cost have been brought up with 3D surgical video systems. Lateral endoscopic views were not possible without rotating the scope, thus rotating the video image and presenting a visual paradox to the surgeon.

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  • Risks associated with hysterectomy, benign include injury to the ureters, vaginal cuff problems, injury to bladder, bowel injury, vaginal shortening, problems urinating, vaginal fistula, vaginal tear or deep cut. Uterine tissue may contain unsuspected cancer. The cutting or morcellation of uterine tissue during surgery may spread cancer, and decrease the long-term survival of patients.

Risks associated with hysterectomy, cancer include injury to the ureters, vaginal cuff problem, injury to bladder, bowel injury, vaginal shortening, problems urinating, vaginal fistula, vaginal tear or deep cut.

Risks associated with sacrocolpopexy include mesh erosion/infection caused by mesh moving from vaginal wall into surrounding organs causing the need for another operation, injury to rectum/bowel, injury to bladder, injury to the ureters, front wall of the rectum pushes into the back wall of the vagina, prolapsed bladder, vaginal incision opens or separates, loss of bladder control, pooling of blood between bladder and pubic bone, pooling of blood between the anus and vagina.


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