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10% – 25% of pregnancies in the USA have complications during the first 13 weeks. We are here to help.

Our highly trained surgeons are trained to diagnose and treat early pregnancy emergencies including emergency dilation and curettage, treatment of a spontaneous abortion, tubal or ectopic pregnancies, and other emergencies that put both mom and her baby at risk. Our team is trained to monitor and reduce any risk to both mom and baby through the surgery.


Dilation & Curettage

A dilation and curettage procedure, also called a D&C, is a surgical procedure in which the cervix (lower, narrow part of the uterus) is dilated (expanded) so that the uterine lining (endometrium) can be scraped with a curette (spoon-shaped instrument) to remove abnormal tissues. A suction D&C uses suction to remove uterine contents. A sample of uterine tissue is also taken and viewed under a microscope to check for abnormal cells. The procedure can be either operative or diagnostic. In case of early pregnancy complications it is used to treat a miscarriage.

Tubal Pregnancy Treatment with Tubal Preservation

A tubal, or ectopic, pregnancy, occurs when the embryo implants itself outside the uterine cavity – commonly within one of the two Fallopian tubes. A tubal pregnancy can’t proceed normally. The fertilized egg can’t survive, and the growing tissue might destroy various maternal structures. Left untreated, life-threatening blood loss to the mother is possible. Early treatment of a tubal pregnancy can help preserve the chance for future healthy pregnancies.

In this procedure, a small incision is made in the abdomen, near or in the navel. A laparoscope is then used to view the area. Other instruments can be inserted into the tube or through other small incisions to remove the ectopic tissue and repair the Fallopian tube. If the ectopic pregnancy is causing heavy bleeding or the Fallopian tube has ruptured, emergency surgery may be necessary and is performed through an abdominal incision (laparotomy). In some cases, the Fallopian tube can be repaired. Our team of highly-skilled surgeons will do their best to preserve the Fallopian tubes for future pregnancies.

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